Thursday, January 17, 2013

Great Horned Owl

For some reason, I am having trouble loading photos into blogger. According to a post I read, it's a known problem with lots of users and I guess they are working on it. Meanwhile, it's pretty much keeping me from staying updated.
I was able to get this one photo loaded. Isn't it cool? Keegan and I went to the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum last week. Right after we arrived they had the Raptor Free Flight show. Keegan rushed us down there. They had the birds fly from tree to tree, right over our heads. It was cool. Keegan even got hit in the face by the wing of a ferruginous hawk. So hopefully, I will be able to load more soon. Meanwhile, enjoy this guy.
By the way, the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum is celebrating it's 60th anniversary this year. It's an amazing place. Part zoo, part natural history museum, part garden, aquarium. They have a really cool hummingbird avairy, full of just hummingbirds. We spent the entire day there and had a great time.

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bandanamomtoo said...

Quite a long time ago I started having this problem with blogger. Eventually I realized that if your browser is too old - hasn't been updated in a long time, this can be causing the problem. Try switching to a different browser. If you're using internet explorer, that is usually the biggest culprit. Try the latest version of firefox or chrome and see if that solves the problem.