Monday, January 28, 2013

Tucson Weekend- Finally!

I have been having problems loading photos. My friend Lezlee told me some things to try, but before I took the time to do them, blog spot finally got it fixed. Yeah!
So here are some of the photos from our two day trip to Tucson. I wanted to show her San Xavier Del Bac. It's always an interesting place.

I had never wanted to go to the International Wildlife Museum. I thought it was just game hunters trophies. They actually made a pretty nice natural history museum of the place. I enjoyed it. There was a room full of interesting bug specimans, lots of pretty butterflies.

But the game trophies were still there.

A lion in San Xavier del bac still dressed for the holidays.

These parrots used to be native to Southern Arizona. They are still found in Northern Mexico. This is at Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, where we spent all of one day.

 Lounging mountain lion.
The river otter is always one of my favorites. The otter was lolling around not doing much. Then her keeper came by to check on her. She was instantly, playing and running all over. It was pretty fun to see how excited she was to see her keeper. These critters were also native to Arizona. A handful have been reintroduced in an isolated area of the Verde River. Wouldn't it be neat if we got them back?

A coatamundi. My friend Cindy told me once that she thought I had made the name up when I told her about them. She had never heard of them before. Arizona also has a ring tailed cat that has a similiar look, but smaller.

Desert Bighorn Sheep.


I thought the sun looked cool shining through these cacti.

They have an awesome hummingbird avairy.

 These garden eels look like they plant themselves and then stick their heads out waiting for something to come by for them to eat. They are from the gulf of California.
Arizona does have coral snakes.

 Keegan won't let me post any photos of her. So this looks like I was there by myself.
Basking frogs.

Ths groud squirrel was working hard trying to get into this gourd. He rolled it all around, chewed on it, etc.

 A few shots from the amazing raptor free flight. This is the prairie falcon and below ithe the great horned owl.

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