Friday, November 1, 2013

Petroglyph hike

 I was invited to go along with the Yule's and my friend, Cindy, on a hike to see some petroglyphs today. I hadn't hiked in a while. This turned out to be more of a scramble of some rocks than a hike, but it was all good. It was a beautiful day and great scenery. It was a bit of a drive over increasingly deterioriating dirt roads. I would never have been able to get my car back in this area. It was located inside the Agua Fria National Monument. The Indian ruins are"secret" so no one will vandalize them. And it is an unrestored area. They are right on the edge of a mesa. There is a great view and quite a drop.
The ruins were mostly a series of rock walls and lots and lots of pottery shards. Here are some of the rock walls. We had to scramble down below the top of the mesa bit and then look back up at the cliff they are on to see the petroglyphs. There are quite a few of them. I took tons of pictures. I will spare you most of them, but here are a few of my favorites.

 You can see there is a steep drop down. This is looking back up at the top. You can see the ruins there.

Thanks Wes and Joanne, for a fun day and good company!

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