Thursday, June 12, 2014

Camping Lite

 My neice and I have been looking for a couple of days to go camping. We can't seem to find two nights that we both have off that will work. So we decided to go for one night and just take the minimum amount of stuff we needed.
It's hard to put a tent up sideways. But this is our instant tent. It goes up really quickly. We also brought our cots and sleeping bags and chairs. Thats about it. We didn't bring food or cooking stuff. We were just outside of Payson and decided we could run in and eat when we wanted.
 We took two of the dogs. Keegan calls Giselle our Kamikaze dog. She just dives into everything. Even though the water was really cold, she dove in a lot and swam. She was shivering afterwards and I think all the activity actually got her tired.

 It was really cold for poor Cisco. His tiny body couldn't deal with the cold water.
 We did throw in the ceiling fan/light that we got last year. It is a nice item. During the day, it keeps it cooler in the tent. At night, the light comes from above without heating up the whole tent.
 And you get to eat pretty well too.
 The lake in the park in Payson.
Lots of water in the creek. It's a pretty area.
 Can you see the duck?
 Cottonwood leaf

 Pretty day and cool night. The coyotes woke us up three times, howling.

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