Friday, June 20, 2014

Girls Camp 2014: Mission Me Highlights

I had the opportunity to go to our Church's Girls Camp this past week. I went to take photos and help where needed. It was fun. And a little cooler than when I have gone before, thank goodness.
Our girls start girls camp at age 12. When they are 16 and 17 they become youth camp leaders. They get to plan and run camp, with some adult supervision. The Stake staff and the YCL's all came up a day early to get set up. Mean while the 4th year girls get to go on an adventure trip for a few days before joining us.
Here are sampling of photos. Believe me, I took a lot more than this.
Jordan, one of the YCL's.

 Lucia, one half of the fabulous kitchen duo.
The theme for the week.

 Lusi, another YCL.

President Hatch, helping out the kitchen by grilling us steak and chicken for dinner.

 Flag ceremony at the beginning and end of every day.
Cynthia Hale was the Stake Camp Director. Her husband Dave came along and did a ton of working fixing things at camp and making it better for everyone.

Fabulous steak dinner the night before all the girls arrive.

 Lots of girls!

Ukelele lessons.

The cabins we stayed in.

 More good food.
 Skits and games!

 Erica the nurse, helping in the kitchen.

Going on a hike.

 Joanne, Missy and Reyna Beard.
Arts and crafts.

Hula hoops for dance/excercise class.

 Service project, helping to make the chapel nicer. Using a jackhammer!

Dance and excercise.

The triumphal return of the fourth year girls.

Cabin mom's.

A little helping hand.

Fourth year gilrs.

The Bishops and Stake Presidency come for Bishop's night.

More skits and songs.

 Ward night, girls from Country club ward.

 Zip line!

A fun time!

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Roxanne Reynoso said...

That looks like it was so much fun! I love the bright shirts, too. Hope you loved it :)