Saturday, August 30, 2014

Dogs in painting

 While I was at the Norton Simon Museum, I started noticing all the dogs in the paintings. I took photos of a lot of them. Look at the color on the little pug looking dog above. And below, this big guy was some nobleman's beloved hound. It was a large portrait of just the dog.
 This one looks like a bird dog, a Brittaney.
 This little guy was in a huge painting that depicted the interior of St. Peter's Basilica. How funny to see this little fu fu dog there.
Some type of hound.
 This is actually a cat. Kind of add looking, playing with a bit of string with a bunch of monks in front of a fireplace.
 I can't tell if this is a cat or a dog. Could be a Chihuahua type of dog.
 Another hound.

 This lady is a bad example of the effects of drink. It looks like the dog is laughing at her.
 These two little dogs are at the Marriage in Cana.
 This little spaniel is happy to see someone.
 Generic dog.
 Another happy spaniel. Looks like the only happy one in the painting.
 At first I thought this was a dog, but it's a lion.

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