Monday, August 11, 2014

Ombre Birthday Cakes

I recently saw a couple of Youtube videos on making Ombre cakes, where the frosting shades from one color to the next. The technique looked pretty simple and so I was dying to try it. I have several folks birthdays that get celebrated around the beginning of August and so decided I would make a couple of cakes.
Above is the first one I did. It had a horizontal pattern and technique. It was remarkably easy and turned out really well.

This was the second one I made. This one the pattern was from top to bottom. It was actually more difficult. It was harder to get as polished a look as you did in the one from side to side. The knife kept hitting the plate or table as I dragged it down through the icing to make the pattern. Still it turned out nice. The color doesn't show true in this photo, but the center was the same dark pink as the bottom.

Here is the cake cut. I used two layers of chocolate and one of butter cake. I used a strawberry filling between the layers. I also brushed each layer with a simple syrup before I iced, to help keep the cake layers moist It worked well!

The cake's were appreciated by the recipients! Here is Penny getting ready to blow out the candles.
It was a lot of bang for the buck, or for the effort expended. I am going to teach a mini class on the technique in our church women's group.

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