Friday, September 19, 2014

Dare Devil Museum and Imax

On our second evening, we went to the Imax theatre and saw an interesting movie all about the falls, the history and those who have gone over. We learned a lot. Off the lobby, was the dare devil museum. They had a lot of the barrels and specialized containers that people have gone over the falls in. I can't even imagine. The first person to do it was a 63 year old retired school teacher, a lady, who went in a barrel with her kitten.
Some made it, some did not.

 One of the most amazing stories was in the 60's. A seven year old boy, his 17 year old sister and an uncle were in a little fishing boat above the falls. Their motor stopped working. They quickly started drifting towards the rapids and falls. The kids put on life jackets. The uncle died. The 17 year old girl was somehow plucked from the water's edge 20 feet from the falls. The little boy went over with nothing but his swimming trunks and a life jacket. The maid of the mist was at the bottom and saw him. The plucked him out and somehow he was miraculously unhurt.
 I was so inspired by the stories that I decided to go over too.

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