Friday, September 19, 2014

White Water Walk and Aero Car

 These were two more activities that were included in our adventure pass. We did them the second day, and it was so nice because most of the time we were the only ones there! We weren't sure this would be much fun, thought we would go, look, say that's nice and be gone in ten minutes. We were there at least an hour.
These rapids are below the falls, and are class 6 rapids. Which means, you are likely to die if you try to run them. Again the noise was amazing. I will try the video clip thing separately. It is difficult to convey how large the waves are, how furious this water is running. We both thought we could just stay and stare at the water for hours.

 This is part of the boardwalk. they take you down in an elevator through the cliff, and then you walk through a tunnel out to this boardwalk.

 The aero car was also part of our adventure pass. It had been going since the 1920's. It goes across the neck of whirlpool rapids and then comes back. This car will hold 35 and there was only 5 of us, so that was great. We heard later that this whirlpool cove is very dangerous and is as deep as a 10 story building. It's where everything ends up that comes over the falls.(bodies)

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