Sunday, January 4, 2015

Lots of Wedding receptions

The last few days, I have been to two very different wedding receptions. They were both very nice.
The first, used an Alice in Wonderland theme. It entailed lots and lots of work for weeks ahead of time. They did an amazing job of making the church cultural hall look spectacular.

The DJ, Curtis, uses some lights that he projects, that added a lot to the atmosphere.

My friend. Cindy, built this amazing castle as a photo booth back drop.

Lindsay sang the first hour. She has a lovely voice. And notice the mushrooms and flowers.

 Garlands of playing cards and lights. Beautifl tables. All I could think of, was lots and lots of work!

 This amazing tree was of brown twisted paper. It was all very beautiful and fun.
 The second one was just as amazing, although quite different. This one had an elegant theme. It was in the mother of the groom's backyard. They did an amazing job of transforming an ordinary yard into a beautiful setting. Lots of patio heaters to keep us warm.

 Shannon, the mother of the groom, has put on countless weddings. It was wonderful to see her use all her expertise for a wedding in the family. The flowers were beautiful.

 And so with all this specialness going on. I was trying to make a sample "stump" wedding cake for my niece's wedding. After texting her the photo, I now find out that she wants the cake white. Good thing I did a sample and sent the photo. I had no idea. She had said chocolate and stump and so this is what I thought she wanted. This took me all day. It's hard to tell in this photo, how huge this really is. It's a 14" round and about 8" tall. It's 8 (yes, eight) cake mixes worth, 2 dozen eggs, 8 lbs of confectioners sugar. I am now trying to get rid of it. Anyone want some? Anyway, It is so huge and terribly heavy. I think I'm going to do 12" rounds instead of 14. Hopefully that will make it more manageable and still be plenty of cake. Oh yeah, it will be chocolate cake, with WHITE frosting.  And there will be some decoration. I have some pine garland to go around it with pinecones. And we will see what else.
Compared to these two receptions, my niece's is going to be quite plain and simple. Rustic/woodland is the theme. Will post photos later!

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