Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Wedding- Without the Bride and Groom

 Those of you who know my niece, Keegan, know she is one of a kind. One of the things she is adamant about is having her photo on the internet. As far as I can tell, it's one of those odd paranoia things, like maybe someday someone will use her photo for some weird thing. I don't know. At any rate, I have hard copies of photos from the wedding that show the bride and groom. I will carry them in my purse for a while, if there are those who want to see them. Meanwhile, I will try to give you the best idea of how it went without being able to really show them.
This is a sweet photo of the bride hugging her mom. Since it really didn't show her, I figured it was ok to post.
These photos were taken the day before the wedding at the rehearsal dinner. This is my niece's new niece, Penelope.

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This is Keegan's brother Eric, doing an imitation of Keegan and her no photo routine. I hadn't seen him in 16 years. It was fun to have him here.

Eric again.

The father of the bride, my brother in law, Ron.

 Two of Seth's friend's being silly as we set up for the wedding.

My friends, Penny and Cecelia are like aunts to Keegan. Cecelia threw her
a bridal shower and they both came early to help in anyway they could.

Keegan wanted a rustic woodland theme. As part of that, they wanted an arch made of branches. They went to the woods and collected these and her new brother-in-law, Kendall made these beautiful arch. Kendall is in all black. The other too are her other brothers in law, Johnathan and Ben.

Eric doing his Keegan imitation again. Keegan's family, Eric, Ron,Wendy and Daniel.

Table décor was simple

Kendall working on the arch

The arch with greenery.


My sister, Wendy, in her wedding finery. She wanted to wear a "fascinator" in her hair.
She said it made her look like a bar maid.

Penelope getting ready.

Karen, the mother of the groom, get's some help with her hair from her daughter in law, Beth.

Sort of a picture of the bride getting ready. Can't really see her so
figured it was safe to post.

I was the maid of honor. Getting ready to go in. It was
supposed to be outside, but it was windy.


Penny helped with the guest book.

 Beth and I were the attendants.
The bride and groom had a small drone
fly in with the rings.

The bride and groom holding hands.
My sister Wendy, photo bombing, Cecelia and Penny.

 Cecelia, Penny and I.
  The head table really didn't get used.

The cake I made.

 Waiting to throw bird seed at the bride and groom as they leave.

Keegan ducks the birdseed.

 When we got home, my sister thought her necklace would like nice on my dog. Giselle.

Eric stayed one more day and we did
a little sight seeing.

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