Thursday, February 12, 2015

2015 Arabian Horse Show

Penny and I love to go look at the beautiful horses at this show. This is our third time, I think. Today was the first day. It's a big deal and there are people there with lots of money and beautiful horses. As you walk in there is a shopping expo. It was kind of interesting seeing the things for sale. Lots of bling!

 This dog had on a cute dress.

 Cowhide table runners. Starting at 100$.
 This lamps were cool. The lamp shades had rock slices embedded in them.

 Everything had crystals on it.

 Penny forgot to tell me she had tractors to sell.

And then there were beautiful horses everywhere.


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Madeline Wagner said...

Did you get your ring cleaned there? Cause if you stopped by the jewelry cleaner booth, that's my company!