Friday, February 6, 2015

Dog Day

Another trip to a dog show. Penny and I enjoy going and seeing all the beautiful dogs. We just wander through and see what we see. A standard poodle getting groomed.

I am not sure if this is a bearded collie or something else, but he has a beard and a bouffant.

Always think Schnauzer beards are fun.


Rhodesian ridgebacks.

Winner of the French Bulldog class


A patient Frenchie

Winner of the Keeshound class

Winner of the miniature Poodle class


Apricot poddle


Treeing coonhound


 Wirehaired Brussels Griffon. A bunch of them.
 Japanese Chin
  A sable Japanese Chin
  A handful of Dalmations
 A lot of Bischon's
 A Samoyed
 Australian Shepherds
 Bernese Mountain Dog
 This is a puppy! Eight month old harlequin great dane at his first show.
 A big ole' Rottweiler.
 A Pinscher.
 A bunch of young great danes.
 An English setter.
A couple of Irish Wolfhounds.
 A Boston terrier.
 A couple of pretty golden labs.
 A couple of Corgi's
A Portuguese Water dog, a puppy.

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