Sunday, March 27, 2016

Arrowhead Kennel Club Dog Show 2016

Penny and I got to go to one more dog show this spring. This one had a dock diving demonstration. Although the dogs involved liked the water, some were more enthused about jumping off the "dock" area than others. Some needed encouragement, including a shove. But they all seemed to be enjoying themselves.

A few of the pretty dogs we saw, a Briard.

A Dandy Dinmont Terrier. A dog that looks as fun as it's name.

We both love Wheaten Terriers, ever since we saw a puppy at a shop once. Sweetest dog ever.

The Kerry Blue Terriers seemed like nice dogs too.

This Boston enjoyed being held.

The Viszla's

A short haired pointer.

We saw several different colors of Great Danes.

A Kuvasz! A pretty big dog.

I forget what this breed is called, but I think is a short haired Swiss mountain dog? Something like that. Another big dog.

Pinschers. A nice middle sized dog.

I'm trying to remember, some kind of herding dog I hadn't seen in person before. Nice dog.

Wire haired pointer.


A quilt that was up for raffle.

Irish Wolfhound


Foxhound, a really pretty dog.
Wirehaired fox terrier.

 An Australian Shepherd puppy 

A pile of poms.

an English Mastiff. Only about 8 months old.

A Pointer.

A bulldog

 A scottie.
It's fun to wander around and see all the pretty dogs.

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