Friday, March 18, 2016

Trail Ride Training

Cindy and I are planning to go down the Grand Canyon on mules this October. It is something I have wanted to do since I was a little kid. We have been working on weight loss goals so we do this. We recently met our interim goal and decided to go horseback riding to celebrate. I had a horse when I was in high school and have had the occasional opportunity to ride since. It doesn't make me an expert, but I am not afraid.
Cindy has really never ridden more than a 10 to 15 minute being led around as a kid. She was a bit apprehensive. So the goal was to get Cindy a little more comfortable with the idea and enjoy a beautiful morning!

We got Groupons for Spur Cross Ranch. It's a beautiful area on state land, just North of Cave Creek. We had hiked there in the past and I had thought that if I ever rented a horse, this is where I would like to go.

We visited with a few other animals while we waited.

They have a mounting dock!! A great plus, as getting on was one of the things I was concerned about. Of course, don't think they will have that at the Grand Canyon.

They gave me a mule named Fred. He was a great ride. Sure footed, biddable and who can resist those great big mule ears?

Cindy did great and gained a lot of confidence that the horse wasn't going to kill her.

The most perfect desert morning, lots of flowers.

Our guide was a really nice lady. She stopped and took photos for all of us.

Our guide loved mules and rode one too. She has four of them.

Isn't she too cute?

Cindy looks relaxed.

Hedgehog starting to bloom

Brittle bush

Lots of saguaro's in this area.

Some left over d├ęcor from a haunted trail ride.

The remnants of an old gold mine from the 1880's. Apparently they got a lot of gold from this area.

Old rail tracks from the gold mine.

We crossed and road a little on some of the old Butterfield stage route. Interesting info that comes with a guide.

I had seen this house before, but didn't realize it was also from the 1880's. It was a perfect morning!

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