Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Rose Bowl Parade 2017: Everything NOT a Band or a Float

Sooo many pictures. This is the last post. The parade started with a flyover of B2 stealth bomber. I am always excited when I see one. My Dad helped design them. I have a bomber jacket with their logo on it.

These luxurious bathrooms were provided in many places.

Lots of people! But there is a plan and they have been doing it a long time.

There were several groups trying to get their own messages out both before and after the parade.

 A little pre parade fun.

These are folks who elected to camp out a day or so early and save their seats.

There were all sorts of BBQ's, Chimineas, even pot belly stoves.

Looking across to the bleachers north and west of us. There were a lot of Penn state fans there.

Some folks brought ladders and boards to improvise seats at the back although I thought I had read some where that they weren't allowed.
Cynthia Hale and I.

These girls accompanied the initial Rose Parade float.

Lots of horses in this parade and flowers on everything.

This entry was from the folks who work and maintain the hiking trails. I thought it was pretty cool.

The Mayor of Pasadena.

Part of the USC contingent.

People watching the parade from the top floor of the building across from us.

This was a 20 mule hitch that was pulling two heavy wagons filled with people. Those mules were working hard. You could see them really digging in and pulling.

 The Budweiser Clysdales.

This vintage Highway patrol car was at the very end of the parade with a bunch of tow trucks that I think tow the floats. It died right in front of us and had to be pushed by hand out of the road.

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