Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Rose Bowl Parade 2017 Floats

These floats are so photo worthy, that I couldn't resist loading a ton of photos.  I won't post much text, but just remember that everything on these floats has to be plant material, flowers, fruit, seeds, bark, hulls, what have you. They are AMAZING! And must cost a fortune to make. Enjoy.


Jean Berringer said...

This is great. How many hours did you spend at the parade, and is it difficult to get tickets, or do you just show up early? My daughter in So Cal should go to this. The art was amazing.

Suzanne Barker said...

Jean, I bought bleacher seats sometime in the Fall. They start being available in February. You can just go for free, but pretty much need to camp out for a day or two to get a spot. I know some people who do down with chalk and mark their spot on the sidewalk and set up chairs in it.
Out tickets were 68$ each. We bought a parking place for 30$. We had to be in our parking spot between 6 and 7 AM. We stayed in the car until about 7:30. Then went out to the bleachers. The Parade starts at 8am. It got to us close to 9. It lasted till close to 11.
You can also buy tickets either to watch the floats being made a few days in advance or see the floats afterwards, the day of the parade and the next day. We bought tickets to see them the day of. They were 10$. It was SUPER crowded. We only looked at about a 1/3 of them and gave up.
By the time we were shuttled back to the car it was about 3 or so. So it was pretty much a full day.