Monday, August 28, 2017

Some Idaho Photos

  It's always really pretty in Idaho and I can't help but take pictures.

  I was especially excited to see this Mom and baby deer swimming across the Bear river.

  We also saw another momma with two fawns.

  My mom was the first to spot this family of wild turkey's.

  Papa Jay's is just a little convenience store/ gas station in Clifton, Idaho that makes amazing beef jerky.

  My niece and brother in law are raising these Painted Desert Sheep. They are a cross from Big Horn sheep/Dall Sheep and Domestic Sheep. The males are often hunted for their horns. Their ram is beautiful.

  A blurry pic of one of the fawns running away.

 Pretty scenes at dusk.

  This miniature horse was cute, he was scratching on a post.

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