Friday, December 14, 2007

Fifteen Favorite Things

Cynthia has tagged me and so I'm going to try and come up with a somewhat different list from my "guilty pleasures" list. And before I forget I want to tag Shando's ghost writer. I think it will be hilarious to see what she writes on her behalf. I will also tag Michelle Dahl and Joyce. Michelle you can just write it as a comment if you like. A good way to get initiated into the blogdom.
In no particular order:

15.Having my own office at work and getting to do my own thing. I love not having to deal with some of the daily aggravations of being on top of each other in the main office. I love being self directed and having the freedom to be creative and go in almost any direction I want with my job MOST of the time.

14. My 30 G IPOD. I'm coming late into the digital music era, but am enjoying so much the convenience of being able to cart around my entire music collection with me where ever I go. I like that I was able to get rid of most of my extensive CD collection. I like that I don't have to buy an entire album if I really don't think I want to. I usually do anyway. Habit I guess. I don't listen to it much with the ear piece but I've got little speakers here and there and all kinds of accessories to play it in any kind of car. I love it!

13. TIVO. I hate to use one of Cynthia's, but she got the TIVO fever from me anyway. It is so incredibly convenient. I love that I can always watch whatever I want whenever I want and it doesn't have to affect anything else I have planned. I love not having to watch commercials! I want to speed up through commercials on everything now. I find I want to reverse the radio and listen to something again. It doesn't work on radio though.

12. Dogs. I really like animals in general, but dogs and I have something special. I've got 3 of them and I enjoying visiting with most every dog I see. I love watching dog shows on TV, going to dog shows, dog shelters, looking at them in pet shops. They are always so loving and fun.

11. The seat heaters in my car. There isn't very much time in the year to get any use out of them, but oh are they wonderful when it is chilly. I always want to curl up and go to sleep in the car. I am afraid I may think I always have to have them when I buy a car.

10. My cell phone. Another one Cynthia listed. It's funny, because I'm one of the few people that don't keep it on all the time, but it is so CONVENIENT for me. I love being able to reach for it any time, anywhere when I want to ask something or talk to someone. I just came back from a road trip with a doc who used his cell phone for all of his email, Internet, and GPS. I must say that after seeing the demonstration and convenience I am sorely tempted to upgrade. Especially when my home computer seems to be so retarded half the time.

9. Eating out. I love it. I think it's convenient, fast and easy. I like the novelty of trying new places. I think I sometimes eat more balanced meals because I don't cook full meals at home very often, since it's just me. If I do, at least half of things rot before I get them eaten. And I like the socializing I often do with the different groups I go out to eat with.

8. Book Club! I love the fun of being able to talk to other people who have read the same book. I love the discussions that often develop around the themes of the books. I love the sheer number and variety of the books we've read. I love that we've been able to keep it going for 20 years!

7. Earrings. I know I said I was a dishaholic. Truth is I have several addictions and earrings are another one. I have more earrings than anyone would ever need. I buy them as souvenirs every where I go. The nice thing about them, is they are small and at least I can use them instead of having to dust them. I can't stand to leave the house without them on. I feel naked. I just bought 3 pair when I was in New Mexico for 2 days. I'm always a sucker for earrings.

6. Clean Sheets. I adore the feeling and smell of fresh sheets on the bed. I change them more often than a lot of people because I let those 3 dogs up on the bed to sleep with me at night. I usually change them every week.

5. Calenders. I have one I carry in purse to keep track of my various activities. I also have 2 in my office, one in the kitchen and one in the bedroom. I don't know why I am so fascinated with them, something about the orderliness they give my life and all the beautiful photos on them.

4. Snail Mail. I love getting "real letters" in the mail. I feel sort of cheated when I get a card with nothing but someone's name written on it. I love mail in general, except for the bills.

3. The Newpaper. I enjoy relaxing and reading the news, comics, reviews etc that are in the paper every day. I feel deprived and missing something if I don't get to on a day for some reason. It's also a great source for planning fun things to do!

2. Yankee Candles. I love the way they smell. I have one on my buffet and in my bathroom at all times. I also have one in my office. I have mostly changed to warmers instead of burning them, except in the bathroom. Just because it's easier and cleaner. I'd use a warmer in the bathroom too if it didn't involve draping a cord across the room.

1. My drawing class. I am so excited by what I've been able to learn to do and the progress I've made. I look forward to taking life drawing next semester and continuing to learn and improve my skills.


Cynthia said...

I love snail mail too. I always have. I'd always be the one to bring in the family's mail. I especially love this time of year - Christmas cards in the mail almost every day.

Joyce DiPastena said...

Okay, I'm afraid you're going to have to bring me Up to Speed on what I've been tagged to do, and when and where I'm supposed to do it?!! (Can you tell I haven't been "tagged" before?)

Heidi said...

I really need to get on that one--Cynthia also tagged me. I think I'll steal a few of yours :) I love clean sheets as well...