Thursday, December 13, 2007


I've been on the road almost nonstop for the last several weeks. It's been great to be out of the office, especially since I won't be traveling for 3 months, but I'm done. It's amazing how attractive home can be when you have been on the road a lot. And my house needs some serious TLC.
I don't have any fabulous stories really. We are supposed to be in the Arizona Republic soon, maybe this Sunday. We had a reporter and photographer go with us to Ft. Defiance. He is going to write about the Rural Trauma Team Developement Course. That will be fun. I think I might even be quoted.
I enjoyed the feeling of "winter" in Flagstaff and Albuquerque. I enjoyed "old town" in both Albuquerque and Las Cruces and think both of them would be worth a trip back to spend some time there.
I did finally read enough of "Pillars of the Earth" to feel like I'm finally "in" to the book. When a book is 991 pages long, it takes a while to feel like you've made a dent. I'm about 360 pages into it.
I didn't do much else but drive and feed doctors. I slid around in some unexpected slush on the road between Albuquerque and Las Cruces. I learned a little more about technology from Dr. Manch. I'm beginning to think I need a neat phone like his where you can get and answer email. We used the GPS on it when we got to Las Cruces. It was pretty hilarious having the phone tell us where we were, when would get there and where to go next. It's supposed to be better technology than the systems you buy and put in your car because it's constantly updated. It got us to the car rental return place at the airport in El Paso too. I admit it was better than my map quest.
I was irate to have my lip gloss and hand lotion taken from me by airport security out of my purse. I had taken my purse through security at the Phoenix airport without any problem. I never thought of them as carry on stuff, because they were just "in my purse". But I tell those El Paso guys are tough. They took them because I didn't have them in a zip lock bag in my purse. The lotion was a new 4$ tube too and my favorite lip gloss! Ann (the nurse practioner) who was with us, said I should have slathered myself with lotion to use it up before I let them take it. Anyway, everyone on the plane was safe from lotion and lip gloss but not from my dry skin and lips.
I'm going to our big formal hospital party this weekend. I'll have to write afterwards and tell you all about it. I'll bring my camera.


Cynthia said...

Scary scary lip gloss! You have got some nerve even thinking of taking that on a plane! Shame on you!!
Are you liking Pillars of the Earth? I read it years ago and I remember liking it then.

Suzanne said...

I am liking it now that I'm further into it. It sure was a brutal time though.