Thursday, May 29, 2008

70 freakin Pounds!!!

Okay, I wanted to post this on Lezlee's weight loss blog, she gave me access to it. But for some reason I couldn't get into the dash board tonight.
When I left on my vacation, I was supposed to be on a 1200 calorie diet. That went out the window pretty much immeadiately. I was captive on a plane forever and pretty much had to eat what they gave me. Anyway, I ate whatever I wanted while I was gone. On the cruise ship, we had several courses for dinner. I probably wasn't that bad for breakfast and lunch, although I did eat bacon, toast with butter, etc. I had dessert every night.
Then we went to Germany. I probably ate a little less in Germany, but still plenty that wasn't good for me. Lots of stops for gelato. Stops for bakeries and to try the local specialities.
I came home on a Saturday night and started back on the diet on Sunday. That Monday I went to see Dr. Fountis. I had lost 2 lbs! Pretty amazing. I just had to laugh.
She asked me how I did it. She said were you anticipating you would be back on the diet and started cutting back? I said absolutely not. I think we were just more active than I had been before.
Now I am back on and it gave my body a little jump start again, I think. I had felt a little stagnant with the weight loss before I went. And now, I've lost 70 lbs! I'm very excited. I still have a very long way to go, but am very encouraged.
I too am hungry some, but I drink lots of diet soda and try to keep my eyes on the prize! My 120 days have started over again and I don't get a reprieve until the end of September. But I am hoping to have my weight all gone by December. Dr. Fountis actually said it would be next April, but I'm optimistic!


Bandanamom said...

This is TOTALLY awesome Suzanne. I was just wondering how this was going since you started again! Good for you! I just posted on the weight loss blog right before I read your post. It actually encourages me quite a bit because I have been pretty hungry this last week or so. GOOD JOB!

Anonymous said...

Wow! How great for you! So many things in your life are going your way! I loved your "Moor" pictures too! Were you able to get your portfolio? So when are you going to teach me this diet? (heehee)