Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Alicante, Spain

Ok, I've been having some trouble with my photo discs, so these posts aren't going to be in order. We stopped in Alicante the second to last day of our cruise. By this time, I was really wanting to do some souvenir shopping. We left on our tour of the city, but ducked out for part of the tour to do a little shopping on the beach promenade. Alicante is, of course, a beach town and it was the weekend and so lots of folks were out on the beach. It really wasn't warm enough to be in the water from my perspective, but people were. It was probably in the low 80's. One of the things that was unique in Alicante was the the wavy mosaic tiles. Walking along, it tended to make me a little dizzy or seasick. Here is a photo:

The other thing about Alicante that was pretty neat, was another old fortress/castle that was there since the 1300's. It is mostly just walls, but still pretty impressive. There are fabulous view of the city and coast from up there. Here are some photos of that.
That's most from Alicante. A nice place, it's where I bought most of my Spanish fans, shawl and 2 nice pair of silver earrings. It was nice to finally get a few things from Spain. I was afraid we would leave and I would have nothing to prove I had really been there!


Cynthia said...

I don't think I could have walked on that mosaic walkway. It looks totally 3D, but very cool too.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I got sea sick just looking at it! I'll have to see your Spanish fans and compare them to my Italian ones, Modena was pretty big on fans and they actually use them!