Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona was our last stop before returning to port in Savona, Italy. I really liked Barcelona. It's a really big city. There is lots of interesting Art, Architecture, Cathedral's, Museums, Olympic Stadium, etc. I could easily go back and spend a fun week. Our tour was a little cursory, we went through the old cathedral and by a lot of other things. Here are some photos. This first one is sunrise on Barcelona from our window on the ship.="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_The next photo is an outside of the old cathedral. It was dedicated to this saint,I've forgotten her name, who was crucifed at 13 years old by the Romans for being Christian. She was crucifed in an X. The cloister there keeps 13 white geese in honor of every year of her life.

There are scooters everywhere in Europe, but we especially saw a lot of them in Spain and Italy. Here is a bunch all parked together.

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Anonymous said...

Don't miss the scooter sounds at all, that constant buzz was one thing I was glad to forget! Loved the white geese! I'm glad you had such a great time!