Sunday, June 29, 2008


Ok, I'll try to get some more of the European trip down. Sorry it takes me so long to get these blog entries in...

So some of the interesting things about Lisbon: The architect who built the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco built a matching bridge in Lisbon! Also the Christ statue from Brazil, has also been replicated in Lisbon. It 's a bit odd to see these things, you wonder a bit where you are! Lisbon also has hilly streets and cable cars. They are very proud of Vasco De Gama and Henry the Navigator. It was fun to back and look them up on line to refresh my memory.

This was a neat old Arabian Castle on the river. They used it mostly as a prison as it was very small.

Monument to Henry the Navigator and others who helped discover the "new world". The new world but lots of riches to Portugal.

Beautiful Park in downtown Lisbon with view all the way down to the river.

Lisbon's downtown sidewalks have beautiful mosaics.

View in downtown Lisbon
This is a window from the famous Jaramillo( I think?) monastery. Vasco de Gama's tomb is here. This window is depicts the City of Lisbon in the background and shows the ships going out to the new world. The cloisters are world famous for their beauty.
This is the front of the church.

This is a nice photo of Edith outside the Church.

Here is Vasco De Gama.
Lisbon was fun and I wouldn't mind at all going back and spending some more time.

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