Sunday, March 22, 2009

Home Improvement Part 3

Okay, the tear down is complete. Sue and her nephew, Greg came over and built my planters last Monday. Don't they look great! Notice the wire grids for a trellis and the PVC pipe to fit in hoops to cover with shade cloth or to protect from the birds. They were pretty big in my little yard. They look like bunk beds or coffins! The first thing I realized was that I needed an awful lot of soil to fill them. I bought some bags at Ace and it didn't even cover the bottom.

So I realized I would have to rent a pick up truck from Uhaul and then I went to Baker Nursery. Here is a photo of them loading the truck with the first load of soil. I can tell you that two scoops by a bulldozer, or one cubic yard of soil is a lot of shovel loads out of a truck by hand. And it's even worse when it all has to be toted through the inside of my house because there is no access to my backyard except through my house. I had hired my neice Karliegh to help. We quickly figured out that we weren't going to get 3 truckloads of dirt through my house without some more help. So I went to Home Depot, got a wheel barrow, another shovel and picked up a couple of guys from Honduras. They were really nice, very hard workers and extremely efficient. They were able to move 2 truck loads of soil and one of mulch in about 2 and half hours. My house looked a wreck and was filthy, but the soil was in the planters! It looked like this:

We had some more mulch than would fit, so we put it behind the planters and I am going to plant there too. It was a really hot day for all that work.

Then I planted the seedlings I already had and some seeds. It looks something like this now. I have just a few more seeds coming that I want to plant and then it's taking care of it and wishing, hoping and praying. I keep waving my hand over it and tell it to be fruitful and mulitply and fullfill the measure of it's creation. I hope it's listening. I am really excited to have everything grow and to can and eat the produce. I'll keep you posted!


Auntie Em said...

Looks amazing! I really think that you should have included a picture of your place while carting the soil through it. Keep us update on your plants

Bandanamom said...

This is looking really awesome Suzanne. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Looks great! I admire your courage for hiring the guys from Hondurus, I'm glad they were nice and could help! Looking forward to hopping over to visit!

Cynthia said...

I definitely think waving your hand over it will be your key to success.
It looks great.

Heidi said...

That is seriously Awesome! I really want to plant a garden now that we have a house, but I don't think that will happen this year with everything that's going on. Next year I will be coming to you for pointers!

Robin King said...

Looks really nice. What fun, but a LOT of work to get in. I think you will really enjoy it.