Sunday, March 15, 2009

Home Improvement Part I

I've done several home improvement projects in the past couple of weeks. Here is one to see! When my friend Geoff helped me redo my kitchen about 8years ago, he made concrete counter tops for me. They were a lot of work for him and he tried hard to make them perfect. They were great for quite a while, but there were some cracks by the sink that had gotten worse. In addition, I work in there a LOT! I do lots of canning, etc and I think I was just hard on them. So I just had some new granite counter tops installed along with a fabulous under mount sink. I really like the outcome. Here are some before and after photos. I love how much brighter and lighter my kitchen looks!


Cynthia said...

Just changing the color of the countertops gives it such a different look. I'll bet you will love them.

Dahl Family said...

Wow, what a difference. Looks like a fun place to work on your canning!

Anonymous said...

They look absolutely fabulous! You'll enjoy them for a long time and what a nice finishing touch and co-ordination with your cabinets!