Monday, November 2, 2009

Chile Harvest

So! I still have a garden, but there have been some ups and downs. The summer put an end to most stuff, but my okra, chilis, basil and black eyed peas thrived. Here is a collection of chilis I just harvested this morning. There are also a couple of okra and some black eyed pea pods in there. Anyone want some chilis? I have more than I can use. I can usually pawn them off on people at work.
So I planted a bunch of seeds this fall to fill my garden back in. Most all of them came up pretty well. My cat, Seigei however, seemed to think they were there for him to eat. He also seemed to think the damp loose cool soil was a good plus to lounge and or go to the bathroom. I only had a few things survive.
The second photo is my okra, basil, chilis and black eyed peas. All doing well.

So today I went to the nursery and bought some small vegetable plants from the nursery stock. I am hoping that they are hardy and big enough to deter him somewhat. I am sure he will kill off some of them, but I am keeing my fingers crossed that most will survive. I've got chard, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, sweet peas, spinach and strawberries. In the middle there you can see the 3 lettuce plants that I was able to grow from seed. I hope this isn't the best my garden looks!
I am determined to keep trying!


Cathy said...

looks great! Hope your efforts & skills will increase your harvest!

Dana said...

The garden looks great. I made lots of pepper jelly this year. Great way to use the peppers and its really yummy. Also, makes great holiday gifts:) (Use the recipe in the CERTO package.)