Monday, November 23, 2009

Liking the New Me

I am so enjoying my new found ability to do whatever I want to do! Cindy and I have been hiking and I am doing so well compared to last year. We are going to hike the whole length of Central between South Mountain and North Mountain! It's 15 miles. I just want to be able to say that I did it. How awesome is it, that it doesn't even scare me! Now if it was all mountainous or with a pack, THAT would be a different story. I don't know that I even aspire to that. But I am excited to be truly enjoying, biking, hiking, walking, kayaking, swimming, riding, whatever!
Of course I still like reading, gardening, cooking and crafting! I just feel very empowered and healthy!
Life is good.


bandanamomtoo said... doable do you suppose this is for an unfit person? (that would be me?) It sounds doable just because it is not peaks and rocks and actual incline - but I wonder...thoughts? Because I think I might like to do it too.

Cynthia said...

It's amazing how many miles you drag me around town.
You are awesome - you are doing so many fun things.
L - yes, you should do this walk with us. The nice thing is that since it's down central, there are always stopping points. That's what made me decide to go with Suzanne the first time, I realized we were walking along the light rail and a bus route and if I had a couple of dollars in my pocket I could hop on if need be.

Anonymous said...

Amazing, just reading this wears me out, I know a lot of my problem is the pain from a broken foot and earlier the broken ankle, torn ligaments and plantar fascitis that distract me from things I use to do (during the ancient times)!