Monday, June 14, 2010

Assorted Idaho Photos

I was just up in Southeastern Idaho visiting family. This is my sister Wendy. We always have a great time visiting.
One of the places we went was to the Chesterfield townsite. It was an old Mormon settlement. There are quite a few preserved buildings there.

This is the grain elevator at Swan Lake, right by my sister's house. We always make trips to the little general store there for drinks (sodas) and treats.

The Bear River valley where the Bear River Massacre took place. My sister Janet and neice, Karliegh, live right at the bend in the river there. Notice all the snowcapped mountains.

My nephew, Daniel. He was being helpful, up on the roof, getting the cooler ready for summer.

My mom and brother in law, Ron.

My neice, Keegan, talked my brother in law into buying her a new fancy saddle with a gel seat. This is her new prize. It had to come into the house instead of going in to the tack shed.

A sod home at the Chesterfield township.

Some horse running by us in a field.

My neice, Keegan, the one who got the new saddle.

Ron on his tractor. I thought my friend Dave might like to see his tractor since he is into tractors.

My sister's brand new fancy dancy chicken coop! My brother in law says he is going to use it for his man cave instead of letting the chicken's have it.

The tack shed.

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Cathy said...

Cool, I hadn't seen these ones et, I'm glad I checked! Looked nice & great fun!