Monday, June 14, 2010

Bird Watching in Idaho

My sister, Wendy, has always been a huge animal lover. When we were growing up, she had an aviary filled with exotic pigeons, parrots, a raccoon etc. She has passed this love of animals to her daughter, Keegan. Among the animals they enjoy are different types of birds. Keegan has 2 Emu's that she raised from hatchlings just a year ago. She has decided she wants to get rid of them now. So while I was there, we stopped at the home of a gentelman who also raises exotic and domestic birds. My neice wanted him to know her Emu's were available.
I took some photos there. Here was a handsome peacock, posing for me on top of his home.

These two fellas were displaying for each other. Trying to see who the girls would like best.

These next two are some type of pheasant.

And then there was this lovely turkey, who just made you think of Thanksgiving.

In addtion, my sister and neice stock bird feeders and feed the wild birds. They have some amazingly beautiful birds visiting. This is an Indigo Bunting. I have never seen one before. They were very brightly colored.

And this guy is my favorite! A Scarlet Headed Tanager. Isn't he just gorgeous?

This is an Oriole.

More Indigo Buntings.

Then we have the proud rooster shepherding the "girls".

Here he is strutting his stuff.

So, I am a little nervous of birds that I think might bite or peck me. I really wasn't fond of these enormous emus. They are only a year old! I can't think of why one would want one.

Here I am being brave, holding out some dandelion for this one to eat out of my hand.

Those are some major bird feet.

This is how an Emu sits. I was on a horse.

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