Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mostly Horse Business

I got to go riding twice while I was in Idaho. It was really fun. This is Apache. He is actually one inch too short to be called a horse, so he is a pony. I also rode Joe, but don't have any photos of that expedition. I think Apache is very pretty. He is also short gaited and so a little rough to ride. It took me a little bit to get acclimated to his rough trot and nice slow lope, but I did after awhile. My knees aren't so good and my right one was killing me after a seven mile ride of mostly trotting. It was a lot of fun though.

This is my neice Keegan getting Pearl the mule ready for our ride. Pearl is actually my sister Wendy's, but she hasn't ridden her yet. My neice is trying to get some of the bugs worked out of her first.

Pearl dressed for departure.

Keegan thought spurs were needed for Pearl.

Keegan pointing something out.

The two of us.

We went to see some barrel racing competition where my neice Amy was competing.

Some action photos.

Amy waiting her turn.

I thought this horse was really pretty.

Amy. I had the flash on by mistake so the photo quality isn't so good.

Some photos from Chesterfield, an old Mormon settlement.

Some "ruined" old cabins near Pocotello.


Anonymous said...

You certainly got these in rapidly -- good pix, especially like your "gone away" pictures. Your Mom (told you I always read them)

Bandanamom said...

Looks like you got a nice relaxing visit to Idaho Suzanne!

Anonymous said...

great lookin' ruins!