Friday, December 31, 2010

Highlights from the Fiesta Bowl Parade

Bag Pipers

Kurt Warner and family, Grand Marshalls!

Before the Parade actually started, we had an awesome parade of lowriders adn jacked up cars that hopped and bopped. It was awesome!

There were probably 30 or 35 cars.

There was a lot of fun headgear and interesting characters.

Bundled up kids.

And dogs.

I always have the eye for the crocheted hat.

I didn't remember my tiara or Green false eyelashes.

Chihuahuas with sweaters.

College bands. Oklahoma!

College mascots.

Prize winning floats



Minature Horses


Balloon Gila Monsters

Who you gonna call?


Folklorico Dancers

Antique fire equipment

Balloon trains

Arabian horses


Gian VW Vans

High Bike Riders

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Jet Lacey said...

I'm bummed I didn't make it. I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off helping Beth to get ready for "Prom." Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos!