Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hello to the Netheralands!

I have seen posts by several friends where they have been able to tell who, in a general sense, is looking at their blog. I just discovered a little about how to do this.
I discovered that most people come to my blog from either a google search for me, or through one of my friend's blogs. That makes sense.
But it was interesting to see, over the lifetime of my blog, where people are at who are looking at my blog. Most, of course, are from the US. But I have had 124 hits from the Netherlands! I can't think of who I know there. Unless Tom, the foreign exchange student the Hales had checks out my blog.
Anyway, here is a little photo to make you feel at home! And you are most welcome. I would love for you to post a comment so I know who you are.

The second country that showed up was Hong Kong, China. This has to be Linda, my foreign exchange student! Welcome Linda! Post a comment and say hi.

I am completely stymied by Russia. Can't think why I have 82 hits from there. But I think it's a hoot and would love to hear from you. Again, you are most welcome!

And rounding out the top 4 is Germany. This had 60 hits and I suspect this is from when my friend Robin was stationed in Germany. If there is someone else out there, say hello!
So where do people come from who view your blogs?

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Anonymous said...

Cool, you're pretty internaional! The d & C didn't work, she couldn't get past my cervix, too small, too tight. Suppose to see her next week?!