Thursday, January 27, 2011

Spur Cross Ranch

I have heard about the Spur Cross Ranch area for years. It's up in Cave Creek and is supposed to be a really pretty riparian area with a creek that runs year round. I had been wanting to go check it out sometime and sometime happened today.
One of the things they have up there are stables. I really want to come back and do a ride sometime. Especially when they have cowboys as good looking as this one.

It's winter/spring in Arizona but I bet those cottonwoods will look fabulous a little later leafed out. But that is still a lot of water for us desert rats.

Me, water in the desert.

Another cool thing about the area, is the really fabulous saguaros. This one was really awesome.

We went part of the way on the Metate trail, and guess what? There was a metate. Pretty cool. There are also a lot of petroglyphs and ruins in the area. We will have to go back and check those out.

Spring is coming! Beautiful lush grass.

And a saguaro skeleton for a bench!

And a solar run lily pond to help rehabilitate some species. In the middle of nowhere!

More water.

And Cindy my hiking buddy.


Anonymous said...

Cool. I had not heard of that place before. You all have some neat adventures!

rb2 said...

Looks like another place Ron and I would like to see. I wanna do the horseback ride! That's probably not gonna happen :)

Janet in MN said...

I want to go back to AZ so badly...Poor Phil. And you are not helping, LOL!! I can't wait till I can get back there. I am not a prairie chicken, I am a desert rat.