Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tucson Gem and Mineral show

The Tucson Gem and Mineral show is the biggest of it's kind in the world. It is really a cluster of several shows that goes over two weeks. There are lots of different venues scattered across town. Some of the vendors will sell to anyone, some only wholesale.
Yesterday, I got down to Tucson with Beth and Jet. We only went to one site and really only saw a little of what was available there. I love fossils and minerals, but after a few hours, I start suffering "mineral fatigue", you've just had enough.
I did get a few things to add to my little mineral collection. The prices are always better than in a regular store. Here is Beth standing next to a massive quartz crystal. This tent hand museum quality and size pieces.

This piece with the fossils was as tall as I was.

Some are displayed very nicely. But, those are also the ones that are going to cost a lot.

I would love to own one of these dragonfly fossils. But not at 1500$ each.

I did come away with a small piece of flourite. And this is the way a lot of them are displayed. Boxes and boxes and boxes of them. Can you imagine how much it must cost to get all these rocks and fossils here? They come from all over the world.

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Anonymous said...

Cool, didn't know you were going, those dragon fly fossils were really neat, I'll have to keep my eyes openned for something like that for you! Sorry your time off is ending, but very soon you will be off to your "Mavaless" adventure to the grammies, so it's good your able to have a pretty exciting life!