Thursday, May 26, 2011

Coleen's Birthday Cake

So I was supposed to make this cake for Coleen's birthday at work. Then I got pulled to go on a two day trip to Yuma, unexpectedly. So Today is actually Coleen's birthday and she is off. I was partway done with the cake so I finished it today. It lists to the side a little and the icing isn't all smooth, but, oh my, does it taste good! I took it in to work so I would only have one piece and then leave the rest there. It's a recipe from Chez Panisse. A little fussy, but worth it. Moist, lots of cream and butter. One piece was enough. Hopefully, those who are at work will enjoy it. Sorry Coleen!


Anonymous said...

Looks nice, and like it would be very delicious!

Coleen said...

It looks wonderful, I'll be expecting the same next year.....LOL