Saturday, May 21, 2011

Jerome Home Tour 2011

Today, I went with my friend Penny and Uncle Ron and Aunt Rejeana to Jerome for their home tour. It was a beautiful day. The first home was unrestored and dated from 1917. IT was interesting and sobering to see how bad of shape it was in. What a lot of work the people have ahead of them who plan to renovate it.

Here is the outside of the house. Colorful, yes? There is a fabulous view out of that back porch.

I don't have photos of everything on this post, but just some I really liked. I thought this was a really cool thing. These folks had taken the window from the old barbershop and put it in as their main picture window with the lettering on it. Cool and fun and funky. Look at that view from the porch.

A fun old enamaled toilette set.

Is this not a cool light fixture or what? It looks like Aladdin's lamp.

The inside of the church we toured. They had cookies and lemonade downstairs and their oldest parishoner. He was 96. Delightful gentleman.

Look at this "street" and these stairs. If yo drive a sedan down this stretch, when you get to the end you drag it really badly. Just like the police car we watched do it.

There was one new home on the tour. I liked the guitar theme in this room. They also had a guitar lamp.

And they had some of the fabulous kalidoscopes from the Nelly Bly store.

Front and key of an awesome carved cabinet.

Uncle Ron, Aunt Rejeana and Penny.

An "unrestored" home. As I remember them from coming when I was a kid.

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always fun to go to Jerome!