Thursday, June 6, 2013

Butterfly Wonderland

Butterfly Wonderland just opened near Scottsdale on the Salt River Reservation. I have been in a place like it up in Victoria. It is really cool that they built this place here. There are hundreds of butterfly's from all over the world. They fly all around you and land on you. There are a few beautiful giant moths like this one above.

You also get to see some emerging from chrysalis.

 It is worth a visit!

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Marci said...

There used to be a butterfly place like this in St. Thomas. My whole family was going there on a cruise, and I asked my brother-in-law, who is an entymologist, if he was going to take his family there. He told me,"No, I'm not really that interested in butterflies. Now if it was flies..." :-) He's a funny guy.