Thursday, June 6, 2013

Odds and ends

With two short trips, I have also had time to do a few other things around the house. I enjoyed messing with my garden. My tomatoes are going to town this year. They are actually overshadowing a lot of my other plants. But I don't have the heart to whack them back. I also worked on a lot of baby blankets. We have quite a few ladies at Church expecting babies, so I tried to get prepared.

I also lost my dear sweet Dobbie dog while I was off. He was about ten. He had a hard life his first few years. He came from a puppy mill. He was kept in a cage to sire pups. He was a mess when I got home and for the first few years. I had him seven years. He really had a loving and sweet personality. I am sad he is gone.

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bandanamomtoo said...

:( Oh I'm really sorry to hear about Dobie.