Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sky Ride at the Snow Bowl

My niece and I wanted to get out of the heat for a day. So last Saturday, we drove up to the Snow Bowl in Flagstaff. We took the ski lift, or sky ride as it is called in summer. If you buy the tickets on line before you go, it's 25% cheaper!
We are both somewhat afraid of heights, but bravely got on. I had done it once before, but it was like 25 years ago. I was ok as long there wasn't too much moving going on. My niece was suprizingly fine.

There is beautiful scenery, all the way up and down. It is well worth the money. We saw a deer and some blue jays. Where we got on the lift, it was about 67 degrees. It was much cooler on top of the mountain. It's 11,500 feet by the way. It was the highest elevation my niece had been at. My ears were popping. We could see a thunderstorm coming. It was all really nice. I am really glad that we brought jackets. It was very cold.

 On the way home, I thought I was going to take us down Schnebly Hill from i-17 to Sedona. We made it as far as the actual hill. The road started getting really rough, just as the views got really great. We were stopped by one of the jeep tours, who told us we really needed to turn our passenger car around and get out of there.
So we did.

We got this photo of a blue jay, just as we were turning around. It was a nice cool getaway for a day.

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