Thursday, October 30, 2014

Persimmon Bars

I participated in Bountiful baskets last week. It's a produce co-op. You never know what you will get. I got a bunch of pasilla chili's and made chili rellenos. A lot of work, but tasty.
I also got six persimmons. I have never eaten or dealt with persimmons before. I decided I needed to do something today, before they rotted on the counter.
I looked them up on line. I found a recipe for persimmon bars that looked pretty good.
I took the peel off, cut out the core and then put the flesh in the food processor. The recipe called for persimmon "pulp", so that's how I made it. It didn't have a very strong taste and wasn't super sweet or sour.  I understand the oval type persimmons, when unripe, are very sour. I had the squatty kind like above.

Next step, dry ingredients, wet ingredients and pulp. The recipe called for you to put 1 tsp of baking soda in with the persimmon pulp. I did that, and it kind of jelled. Surprised me.
They are baked in a jelly roll pan, which for me, is a half sheet cake pan. After they come out, you glaze them with a mixture of powdered sugar and lemon juice.
They were tasty, but I didn't notice a flavor I would identify as "persimmon". The recipe called for raisins, walnuts, nutmeg, cinnamon, so they ended up tasting kind of like pumpkin bread or fruit nut bread. But I used the persimmons and they didn't go to waste!

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