Saturday, October 25, 2014

Ward Trunk or Treat party 2014

Tonight was the Fall Safety Festival, better known as the Ward Trunk or Treat Party. I enjoyed passing out candy with my friend Penny and seeing all the cute kids and costumes. We had a huge turnout, thanks to having more than one ward in the building.
This cutie is my friend Grace. Her mom made a Cleopatra costume out of a pillow case and gold duct tape!

The Bishop had a black eye and a big P on his shirt. He was a black eyed Pea.

Baby baseball player.

You were supposed to decorate your car if you were handing out candy to the trunk or treaters. I didn't get that far. But the Behunins did an amazing job.

Rock and roll family.

Bumble bee dog.

Aren't they adorable?

He is an identity thief.

He had you put candy in the neck of his shirt. Penny thought we could use him as a piƱata.

Bishop's wife was a lunch lady!

She was missing her baby. Her baby was dressed as a spider and she was a web.

My costume and Amy's went together.

My friend Jeff showed up. He waited in line for us to get us food. Good job Jeff!.

He rode his bike there and so had a thing on his pants to keep his pants out of the chain. He said he stopped at QT on the way. The clerk at the store thought it was one of those house arrest bracelets and asked Jeff how long he had to wear it!  Ha Ha!

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Cynthia said...

Since I missed the evening, it was fun to see all the costumes.
House arrest ankle bracelet, haha.