Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Lotusland Part Two

Ok, so the tour continues! A little more succulents and then into the bromeliad garden. It is amazing to see the bromeliads doing so wonderfully. They are so difficult to grow here.

These plants can only be water in the center cup of the plant. It makes it especially tricky to have so many of them. Some of these are in the ground and some are hung from trees and stumps.

So many different colors and textures!

 Then we went into the theatre garden. Madame Walska used this space for many different kinds of performances. There were lots of these cute little statues.
She had purple cushions for everyone to sit on this little wall with.


When you got outside of the theatre garden, there is this nice vista of the house. The large tree on the right is a Monterey pine. They are very tricky to grow like this. It is a very carefully protected and monitored tree.

 These are what are commonly known as ponytail palms. Usually we see them in small pots. These were huge and really fun to see so many of them again.
 The Monterey pine again. It's cabled together and also roped off so no one can walk around it and compact the soil.
 We saw a few glimpses of the topiary garden from here. We were able to go in it a little later on the tour.

 The cactus garden was outstanding. The plants were moved here as mature specimens from another garden in Southern California. I can only imagine the work involved. They gentleman who gave them to her, supervised the installation and design.

It was really amazing.

 At the end of the cactus garden, you enter the mediterrean  garden.
 It starts with this beautiful allee of Olive trees.

To be continued!

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