Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spring Training Game 2015

Penny and I enjoy going to a spring training game. We have enjoyed Camelback Ranch, the spring training home of the White Sox and Dodgers. This year we got tickets for the Giants and the White Sox. We had great seats, behind home plate. And some shade for the afternoon. We arrived at noon for our 1pm game, only to be told the game had been pushed back to 4pm so Will Farrell could do his play for 10 teams in 5 games stunt.
We drove out to Litchfield Park and found some stores to while away the time. Penny bought a new mattress and box springs!
Finally we headed back to the game.

The ballpark is so pretty with the beautifully mown grass. The players lined up for the national anthem and then played ball.

It was a good game. Initially the White Sox took the lead, and then the Giants took over and won the game. This guy had an impressive moustache.

This player is Posey. He was by far the most popular player on the field. Lots of jerseys in the stands had his name on it.

 Penny and I.
 With the game being pushed back, we went into evening. It was a gorgeous night and some beautiful clouds.

 Will Farrell made his entrance in a helicopter in the outfield for the 9th inning. He hammed it up and it was entertaining.

 He started batting for the White Sox.

 Then was quickly "traded to the Giants where he became a bad catcher. It was all in fun for a good cause.


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