Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Real Gardens for Real People Tour 2015

A few of us went on the Real Gardens for Real People tour on March 21st. These are gardens that are owned by people who have been through the Agriculture extension office's Master Gardener program. And they spend a lot of time getting their yards or community gardens ready. This year the gardens were all on the far west side. There wasn't a single garden that I feel in love with, but there were still bits and pieces that I loved.

This house had a very "natural" looking stream running through the front yard. I really loved it. It was my favorite thing of the day. They has some great water plants and fish in it.

At the same house, they had a water "kitchen" garden. As part of this garden they kept a pool of bluegills that they could eat for dinner. They also had herbs and vegetables that were planted in a stream area.

I love the idea of citrus in a container. At this home, this lady had several different types of dwarf citrus in containers. They can become huge trees in a landscape, and so it's a great idea for those who don't want to have to deal with a huge tree.

Fun little water feature in an agave garden.

Love the bark on these acacia's.

The first house we went to had an extensive area set aside for fruits and vegetables. Here are some artichokes ready.

A beautiful gate at a community garden in El Mirage.

Love these raised beds and all the built in features.

A boojum tree with a bird nest in it. I love to say boojum.

The stream through the front yard.

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