Sunday, February 7, 2016

Family Visit

 My immediate family have all moved to Idaho. So it's a treat to get a visit every so often. This past week, my sister Wendy, her son Eric, his wife and four kids all came down and stayed in my little condo for a week. It was cozy, but it worked out. The first Sunday they were here, was sunny and warm. After Church, we went to North Mountain Park. Above is Erik, Jess, Michael, Gabriel, Samuel and Evelyn.
The next day was very cold and we went to the Musical Instrument Museum. I posted a few photos from my phone on Facebook that day. We also went to my favorite Mexican Art Store, which became their favorite too. They went back again a couple of days later.
 Then we went to Kartchner Caverns and to the Gem and Mineral Show in Tucson.
We took a day to relax and everyone did what extra things they wanted.
Thursday we went to the World Wildlife Zoo. It's a great place with lots for the kids to do. Feeding the lorikeets was a big hit.

Jess and Evelyn.

Jess, Samuel and Evelyn

Evelyn looks a little braver here.



Evelyn with a bird on her head.



Two on the head

Wendy and Penny

They are beautiful birds.

Petting a Kangaroo

I think Nautilus are cool!

 Feeding the manta rays.

We ate lunch next door to the flamingos.

Evelyn got cold

White crocodile


Watutsi Cattle are cool

 Red River hogs from Africa
A Hyrax


Penny asked why the warthogs were kneeling, were they really religious or something?

Giant Hairy Ant eater

Camel and Dromedary

Baby zebra


Friday, we rented a pontoon boat on Bartlett Lake. It was really quite chilly, but we had fun any way. This is Michael and Samuel.


 Jess and Gabriel
Gabriel and Erik

Wendy, our captain

Then there was a mutiny and Erik was driving.

Pretty Scenery

Looking for animals

 Getting sleepy
Snuggles with Dad.

Another mutiny and Jess was driving.

A Selfie

 Snuggled away from the wind.

The Dam.
And then they went back home. We all had a good time though, so they may be back another time!

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