Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Broad Art Museum, Los Angeles

On a recent trip to California, We went to the new Broad Art Museum. It is the modern art collection of a couple, who have collected modern art for years. They have so much, they had to build a museum and even so, they rotate pieces through and lend them out to other museums.
The building is a really cool piece of architecture. It had this "veil" with the holes in it, over the "vault" that was glass. And it was right next door to the Walt Disney Concert Hall, another piece of cool architecture. AND it's free. How cool is that?

I the front lobby was this stack of giant plates. This is mostly photos of art...

You go up this giant escalator 3 stories through this tube. It kind of felt like you were going through the birth canal and being born.

In this area of light  and white. This is the ceiling.

I now know that I love Jeff Koons stuff. They just make me happy with their exuberance and they are amazingly light looking when they are made out of stainless steel.

Saw a bunch of Andy Warhol.

This is a painting, but it looks like a photo.

 These are all paintings of a cathedral.

Looking through the side of the vault, through the veil.

More Jeff Koons!

A Jeff Koons painting.

 This was cool. You walked under it and felt like a little kid again. I was surprised by how it made me feel.

 Keith Haring

 She is 9 feet tall.

 An old technique, depicting awful things from the slavery  era.

 Giant painting that I really liked.

Details from the giant painting.

Go visit!

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