Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Biltmore Estate:The Gardens

There are acres and acres of gardens at the Biltmore. We only toured an area near the house. This display above was showing what was currently blooming in the gardens.

At the end of the house there were some amazing wisteria that were just starting to leaf out. They must have been really old. Look at how amazing those trunks are.

We passed by the formal Italian gardens and went on to this area. I LOVE wisteria. Isn't it beautiful? And the palette of all the different colors and textures.

Beautiful white and yellow daffodils.

Bleeding heart

Some of the Spring beds were still newly planted, but the tulips were great.

There were several glass houses and they were spectacular.

Lots of unusual orchids

And in the middle of all this loveliness, a harpist!

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