Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens, Charlotte, NC

Our last morning, we went to the Botanical Gardens in Charlotte. It was an awesome place! One of the many things they did really well, was use edibles in decorative ways. This middle planter on the way in, is full of edible plants.

Lots of beautiful "garden rooms" and fountains.

Lots of colors and textures.

Veggies and ornamentals

Purple beans

We started in the glass house where they show cased a lot of orchids, and plants of different colors and textures from around the world.

There was a special exhibition going on call Wee Houses. They had various architecture and design groups, students, construction, etc, build small "houses". They were placed throughout the gardens. They were pretty cool. This is Wee Pee. I thought it was a bathroom when I saw it on the map.

These arches covered in bromeliads were amazing!

These are plumeria from Hawaii. They make Lei's out of them

Another wee house that looks like a Rubik's cube.

This one was super cool

Magnolia tree blossom

I loved these tree trunks.


Different colors and textures of evergreens.

Another Wee house

The tree house

The bird's nest was awesome!

The log fort.

The children's garden

Another Wee house

A North Carolina Cardinal showed up to say goodbye to us.

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