Friday, February 22, 2008

All Night Long

I started not feeling very well last night at work. Not sick sick, just tired and had a little crud in the back of my throat. Then Thursday morning, I woke up a little hoarse and I just felt like I had no energy. My whole night sleep pattern was disrupted, because of various work meetings causing me to go in early ect, so I attributed some of it to that. So I started work about 10:30 am on Thursday. I punched out for about an hour to take care of the dogs and then came back into work. I was supposed to leave at 10pm so I could be up early Friday to man a booth at the trauma conference.
Well...when Victoria came in to work with me in the evening, she was quite a bit sicker than I was. She had a sore throat and sounded and looked miserable. She didn't feel like she could call in because there really wasn't anyone to cover. At 10pm I finally convinced her that she should go home and that I would stay. She was very tearful and grateful. There really wasn't a lot of choices because there wasn't anyone else to work. So now it 4am and I've been at work since 10:30AM yesterday. My relief comes in at 6am. I have to give report so will then get out at 6:30. Then I need to rush home and get the stuff for the booth. I'm going to take that to where the conference is and hand it over to my unsuspecting coworker Honey. She will have to try and do the booth around her other obligations there. I should finally get home near 9am. I hope I can go to sleep in the middle of the day like that. I will have been at work almost 24 hours straight. I did that once before, it was actually 26 hours straight. I got sick right after.
Anyway, I'm going a little nuts. I didn't come prepared to be here this long. I've got periodic down time, so I thought I'd write this little entry. Hopefully, I'll get straightened out some point this weekend.....

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